Dr. Victor Leon was born on October 9, 1984.

Son of two excellent cardiologists, Nelly Maria Leon and Bolivar Luis Portillo Acosta (electrophysiologist) who left an indelible mark in society. From a very young age they instilled the vocation of service to others.

He studied medicine at LUZ University in Zulia, Venezuela, where he finished his degree as a surgeon. Some time later he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he completed 3 master's degrees at the Autonomous University of Barcelona: Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine, and Anti-Aging Medicine. He then moved to United Kingdom, Portugal, United States and Switzerland where he completed accredited specialization courses in facial harmonization and rejuvenation.

Five years ago he started his new path as a cosmetic doctor in Spain, with two offices located in both Barcelona and Madrid.

He currently practices in his clinic located in the district of Sant Gervasi - Travessera de Gracia 17 (Barcelona) and in the district of Salamanca - Calle Castello 41 (Madrid). At the end of this year will be the opening to the public of his new clinic in Madrid.